The Magical Land of Yeld Starter Box: Mermaid Hunters

The Magical Land of Yeld Starter Box: Mermaid Hunters

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Discover the magical door that leads to Yeld and become Mermaid Hunters in this new all ages role playing game illustrated by Modest Medusa creator Jake Richmond.

In Mermaid Hunters you and your friends will create child characters and discover a secret door leading to The Magical Land of Yeld. Explore the strange new world, discover treasure and help the people of Lake Town fight off a dangerous Mermaid Gang! Gather your best friends, your dog and all of your courage. Its time to go to Yeld!

This STARTER BOX includes everything you need to get started on your adventures in Yeld!

 Am 86 page full color rule book, including character creation and customization and everything you need to play! With instructional comics that help you learn to play!

  • A brand new 3 part Mermaid Hunters adventure, including story comics, a guide to the Lake Region, new rules for Mentors and a collection of Monsters to face and treasure, spells and loot to collect!
  • Character sheets, Cheat Sheets, Action Board and Friend and Monster Tokens!
  • A cool full color box to store all of your Yeld stuff!