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Four rival armies battle in Unita, a game of strategy and fantasy warfare!

The Primitiva and Friburga tribes have long been vying to dominate the land of Helvetia. Now, two neighboring nations—German Land and Hexagone—have joined the fray.

As commander of one of these factions, you must lead your army through Helvetia, fighting the other tribes along the way. Whichever army reaches the heart of this war-torn land with the most companies at full strength wins, but that is no simple task: avoiding battle is virtually impossible, and the difficult terrain may do as much damage to your forces as any fight. Fortunately, you have a trio of magical powers that you can wield over the course of your journey to weaken your enemies and turn the tide.

Based on Switzerland's multi-ethnic and multinational history, Unita offers rich strategic challenges and fiercely competitive game play!