Warhammer: Soulblight Gravelords - Anasta Malkorian Vampire Lord

Warhammer: Soulblight Gravelords - Anasta Malkorian Vampire Lord

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The immensely powerful and destructive Nagash is supreme Lord of the Undead. Every seer, soothsayer, visionary and prognosticator in the realm are looking to their runes and the sky to try and predict the outcome of his presence and it doesn't look good. Death and disarray have practically been written in the stars, nightmares will be cast into the sleep of the ordinary folk along with corpses vanishing from graves and an array of other grizzly events.

Despite this chaos, there is always hope in the world and it comes in the form of the Harbinger's, these seasoned warriors are going to be the realms only hope to defeat this potent force and bring peace back to the people.

Anasta lurks in the shadows, although she is more than ready to make her presence known to those who incur her wrath. Armed with a fearsomely sharp blade she leads her armies into the night to seek more to join her ranks.