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The Danny Trejo Set brings this badass to Zombicide in several different flavors. Not only you get Danny Trejo as a Survivor, but you also get him as a Walker and a hulking Abomination! This set is a Kickstarter Exclusive, that may also be available in limited quantities at special conventions.

Danny Trejo is a survivor through and through. In a fight, he's an unstoppable force, and he's particularly adept at wielding bladed weapons. At the blue level, he has the unique "Danny Trejo" skill (coincidence? I don't think so...) which grants him escalating extra dice when attacking with a Machete. While at blue level he only gets a +1 die bonus. That increases to +2 dice at yellow level, and so on: unstoppable!

Walker Trejo is spawned by its specific Zombie cards (which also contain a few "Trejo Rush" copies that activate him as soon as he spawns). It moves around the board, attacks, and may be killed just like any other walker.

If Walker Trejo is on the board and another Trejo Zombie spawn card is drawn, it immediately turns into the fearsome Trejobomination!!
A copy of the Zombicide: 2nd Edition is required to play this expansion.
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