Zombicide Black Plague: Guest Paolo Parente Box

Zombicide Black Plague: Guest Paolo Parente Box


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Zombicide: Black Plague Special Guest artist boxes bring a slew of new Survivors to Black Plague, all of which are designed by legendary artists from the gaming industry!

Paolo Parente is a multi-talented artist. He has crated his own world, DUST, and contributes games, toys and comics to it. He has also contributed his talent to other popular gaming properties. Parente’st artist box adds four Survivors from his own created world, Anastyr. The minis for Undraal, Queen of the North; Skoll, The Protector; Konrad, Master of Blades; and Arbwal, Maiden of War bring the denizens of Anastyr alive in the world of Black Plague.

This is an expansion. Zombicide: Black Plague is required to play.