Zombicide: Toxic Crowd Expansion

Zombicide: Toxic Crowd Expansion


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The zombie plague is spreading. The virus has mutated, causing those infected by it to not just become the walking undead, but also living bombs. Like a punctured water balloon, when a Toxic Zombie is killed, it sprays its vile guts all over everything, spreading the contagion further. Heaven help those standing in the blast radius.

The Zombicide: Toxic Crowd Expansion lets you bulk up your zombie hordes by adding 24 more toxic zombies. These gross creatures explode when destroyed, wounding Survivors in the same zone. Two of the Walker and one of the Fatty sculpts is exclusive to this set. These figures can be added to any game of Zombicide by using the 18 included Zombie cards.

This is an expansion. Zombicide Season One or Season Two is required to play.