Zombicide: Undead or Alive - Abominape vs Crocosaur Kickstarter Exclusive Abomination Pack


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The Abominape vs Crocosaur Abomination Pack adds two massive abominations to your Zombicide: Undead or Alive game.

The Abominape is so large that it treats Survivors as its (very tasty) playthings. If it hasn’t done so already, the Abominape snatches up a Survivor in its zone, disabling them until it has been eliminated by a Dynamite.

The Crocosaur is a hardy monstrosity. When it is hit with a Dynamite or Damage 3 weapon, roll a die. On a 4+, it survives the attack! The only way to guarantee its defeat is to spend 2 Dynamite cards instead of 1 when throwing a Dynamite at it.

The Abominape vs Crocosaur Pack contains:
  • 1 Abominape figure
  • 1 Crocosaur Figure
  • 2 Abomination Cards
A copy of the Zombicide: Undead or Alive core game is required to enjoy this expansion.

Check out the official Kickstarter project page for additional information!